So we say at Hclub, that a call solves all.

We are dedicated to becoming the most trusted brand in healthcare and we believe in the power of the human touch. For example, if your son or daughter is struggling to lose weight or your parents are not keeping track of their health wherein most cases our parents don’t tell us about what they are going through to not inconvenience us, and it is these cracks in healthcare that concern us and as such, we will engage them once a month to understand their health needs and prompt them with our reverence for good health and benefits of preventive care.

How does it work?

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Choose a Subscription plan according to your requirement through our app or the website or by calling us.

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Health officer will visit your home and register you in the Hclub membership plan and collect all details necessary.

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Our health officer will call you once a month to hear from you and keep track of your health needs.