At HClub, we strive to improve the quality of life and reduce your healthcare costs in the long run. We also ensure that there are no redundant tests thus saving you time and money. We facilitate total health record maintenance and records which are made available to members and doctors at all times. We believe in the adage; Prevention is better than Cure. Keeping this in mind, we have several preventive tests as such to regularly check and monitor your Blood Pressure, Diabetes, ECG and even total body composition tests which are done right at your door step. These test results are then uploaded in your personal infographic dashboard so you can track your health status at any given time. Choose a membership package as per your requirements.

How does it work?

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Choose a Subscription plan by contacting us.

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Our Health officer will visit your home every month and conduct all the tests

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We then upload and update all the test results in your personal health records.

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All personal and family records are stored for easy access.