With the assistance of technology, we have created an online database for all our members. This enables our members to keep track of all the hospitals, labs and pharmacies our member’s visit. Furthermore, these records can also be later accessed by the member or his/her family members at any time thus ensuring all member’s records are kept neatly in one easily accessible place. If you have to shift to a new hospital or change your doctor, having previous records helps immensely. We further enhance efficiency in patient care through easy and secure access to your data by different healthcare providers.

We’ve also created a provision for doctors to view the member's health records when they book an appointment for their health check-up. A comprehensive database helps maintain all the member’s records at one easily accessible place for each doctor to access before visiting a patient thus eliminating time wastage, stress and promoting proper digitalization of health records.

How does it work?

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Register with the help of our ingenious app, through our website or by calling us.

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Your health records will be uploaded by service providers

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Provision to upload past records. Access them whenever you need.

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You can also give consent and allow doctors to access to your documents during your visit.