Modern lives are embroiled with the risk of a sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, owing to our lifestyles and food habits, we are always at the risk of various types of illnesses and health disorders. With the assistance of early diagnostics and periodic health check-ups, several preventable diseases can be avoided which can help all our patients to live fuller lives. This is where we at HClub can help; We offer a wide range of preventive health check packages and services ranging from a specific health checkup to a complete health checkup. Moreover, our specialized packages are based on the age, gender and medical history of a patient thus catering to every kind of person. Take a look at our range of comprehensive health packages and pick one which suits you best!

We also provide a price comparison between the leading diagnostic centers so that you can make an informed decision and choose your preferred lab. Furthermore, you can avail all other services such as upload your results online, access your old lab reports, pickup and drop to diagnostic centers and home sample collection as well. We also offer a great discount on lab tests as well. Make an appointment for the diagnostics test through our website or by calling us.

How does it work?

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    Book the diagnostics requirement by calling us
    @9696 108 108

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    Mobile health officer will come to your home to collect samples

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    Will send the samples to labs u prefer

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    Reports directly send via email or hand delivered and also stored in your personal health records

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    For advanced tests u can visit the labs or hospitals you prefer assisted by our health officer